Become a partner

Become a partner

Every business can become a partner as long as the business concludes an Acceptance Contract for Providing Services and Selecting Merchandise for any OFFKARTA product with BENEFIT Services.

Contact us via phone at +421 37 6 423 639 or e-mail at and then arrange a meeting with one of our regional representatives who will familiarise you with the conditions of cooperation and will be happy to answer all of your questions related to products and the conditions of accepting OFFKARTA products.

After signing the contract you will receive:

  • A sticker which will mark your business so that customers can find you easier
  • A sample gift and relaxation voucher and a relaxation voucher
  • A practical advertising aid for OFFKARTA
  • Free publication of online information about your business on the BENEFIT Services website (a photo of your business, the website and slogan, etc. can all be posted). If you provide us with your website address, we will be happy to secure an automatic link to your homepage from the website.
  • Advertising banners in the cafeteria created exclusively for our clients

I am interested in becoming a business that accepts OFFKARTA products:


You can download the accompanying documents for OFFKARTA Gift and Relaxation Vouchers and the OFFKARTA Discount Card here: