BENEFIT Services, s.r.o.

BENEFIT Services, s.r.o.

“OFFKARTA – Čas vypnúť“(OFFKARTA - Time to Relax) is a commercial trademark of BENEFIT Services, s.r.o. 

Our goal is to provide a complex, "all in one" solution for employers in the areas of employee benefits management, employee motivation, loyalty systems and team building activities.

For employees we offer a simple and convenient manner in which to use Social Fund resources and a large number of discounts from a wide range of businesses across Slovakia. Employee satisfaction and support are our priority.

For businesses, employee use of “OFFKARTA – Time to Relax” products will bring another group of clients, expand the base of satisfied and loyal customers, create additional business contacts and finally also bring additional profits without any fees whatsoever. In addition, businesses can profit from our free marketing support. Businesses are an integral part of our world. Our motto is to bring additional satisfied customers to our clients, increase their profits and build long-term partnership.

“OFFKARTA – Time to Relax” provides the following range of products and services:

  • OFFKARTA Relaxation Vouchers
  • OFFKARTA Gift and Relaxation Vouchers
  • Cafeteria / Benefits Portal
  • Team Building / Event Management
  • OFFKARTA – Discount Card