Ask your employer for an OFFKARTA Discount Card and use discounts from 5 to 70% at your favourite stores and save a bundle.

If you have a favourite store that still does not accept OFFKARTA Gift and Relaxation Vouchers or if you are unsure of how to use your OFFKARTA Discount Card, do not delay in filling in this form and contacting us! We will take care of everything to ensure your satisfaction!

Do not neglect to use all the benefits of BENEFIT Services products provided to you by your employer.

We are happy to answer all questions related to:

  • The effective use of Social Fund resources
  • How to use OFFKARTA vouchers and how to order them
  • How Cafeteria works
  • How to use the OFFKARTA Discount Card and how to order it

Contact us at offkarta@offkarta.sk

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