The wide range of products offered by BENEFIT Services is the ideal tool for increasing and maintaining a work force and for instilling employee interest in their work; in other words for motivating employees.

Our goal is to provide a wide ranging and diverse portfolio of offered services, to secure the effective use of employee benefits and the satisfaction of your employees.

The use of our gift and relaxation vouchers with a wide number of uses not only increases the loyalty and motivation of your employees, but also lowers related administration demands.

Contact us or one of our regional consultants and arrange a meeting - a free consultation - on the following topics:

  • How to best use Social Fund resources
  • How to best set up social policy within your company
  • How to best motivate employees above the framework of the Social Fund by employing benefits
  • How to order OFFKARTA vouchers
  • How to order Cafeteria
  • How to order OFFKARTA Discount cards

Contact us at offkarta@offkarta.sk

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