Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

One of the main goals of every successful company is to have the best employees and employees who are motivated over the long-term. In addition to salaries and standard remuneration systems, a non-cash system for employee benefits is an important component of motivational policy used by employers to differentiate themselves from competitors, to make them more attractive and to keep their best employees.

The work and life balance has become ever so much more important in an expanding number of companies. Investments in the form of contributions towards relaxation, active rest, a healthy lifestyle, cultural events, health and education all bring significant return on investment and currently these are a component of standard employee motivation systems.

OFFKARTA - Relaxation Voucher

This represents a convenient solution for managing Social Fund resources and for employer execution of social policy.

relaxation voucher

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OFFKARTA - Gift and relaxation voucher

This represents the ideal and universal solution that respects the individual needs and expectations of recipients.

Gift and relaxation voucher

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OFFKARTA Discount Card

This represents a universal tool and a method for using discounts as well as other events at a wide range of businesses, allowing individuals to receive a number of savings.

Discount Card

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Cafeteria - Time to relax

In order for Cafeteria to be successful, it must meet the needs of both employees and employers. We are here for you and your employees and we will advise you on how to optimise your entire employee benefit system!


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